Kingthing Marketing is a team of four (includes Ben the guard-dog labradoodle) who eat, drink and breathe marketing, especially online marketing.  The drinking is mostly water and Rob does most of the eating but working with clients to reach lofty heights is what we all enjoy most. 

We are known for being agile - able to respond swiftly to client needs, and proactive - employing leading edge digital marketing strategies. 

Our success is measured by the success of our clients.  We are strategic thinkers who are equally happy to implement your marketing for you. 

Marketing Plans - you wouldn't try building anything substantial without a plan, it's the same with marketing - it is best approached with a plan. Something structured, with goals well-articulated, has measurable outcomes and lots of actionable items. 

Social Media - done well, social media can be such a useful friend whether you like it personally or not, your business can benefit by broadening your reach, encouraging interaction and engagement, educating and informing. 

Websites - if you don't have one, the perception is you are not in business. If you've got one that's not optimised, you may as well not have one (at least in search engines eyes). We can provide a thorough report on the performance, design and functionality of your website. Using SquareSpace, we can create a new website.

Training - Either one-on-one or to groups large and small, we have experienced presenters, eager to share our knowledge and empower you and your staff to understand the digital marketing landscape.