About the Launceston Chamber

Our members and the community see The Chamber as the leading independent voice representing and supporting business. 

The Launceston Chamber of Commerce is unashamedly ‘pro-Launceston’ and passionate about making a difference to businesses within our region. We are courageous in ensuring our members’ views are well known and committed to advancing their needs in the broader business environment.

The Launceston Chamber of Commerce was formed in 1849 and is the oldest Chamber in Australia.

Our Vision 

Our region's economy is re-invigorated. Our business community is innovative, globally competitive, and operates sustainably. It is a region of choice for people to live, work and invest.

Our Purpose and Role

To provide our members with the following benefits:

  • Networking opportunities and business connections
  • Advocacy and lobbying
  • The opportunity to participate in identified regional Growth initiatives
  • Identification and reduction of business impediments
  • Business information, intelligence and education
  • Strategic advice to the benefit of business

Our Objectives

  • Advancing Regional Growth
  • Advocacy
  • Business Connections
  • Information and Education

Performance Measure

An Annual Plan is developed each year with annual targets that help us meet the expectations of our members. Quarterly reports are providedto the Board on the level we are meeting the set targets.

Chamber Brochure

Click here to download a copy of the Chamber's brochure.