Transtegic is a leading RTO and business consultancy based in Tasmania, providing training to many sectors throughout Tasmania, across Australia & SE Asia.  Transtegic provides individual & corporate up-skilling solutions to the general public, SMEs and multinational corporations in mining, oil/gas, manufacturing, construction, community services, healthcare, farming & education.

Transtegic is in their eighth year of operation, with our head office in Tasmania and branch offices in Qld & WA. If you are an employee, employer or someone just wanting to take that next career step, Transtegic will help you. Do you value a professional, cheerful service? Transtegic will ensure that you have a positive learning experience with plenty of support. Transtegic has evolved to become a leading provider of business consultancy and training services to a variety of industries where their training materials & training delivery are considered to be the best of its kind.