Tim has 30 years’ experience in print, broadcast and digital media with the past 20 years in executive management including as CEO.

 Tim is the Chairman of City Mission, an external director at NRM North, NRM State Council and founding director of Tourism Northern Tasmania. Tim leads Grant Broadcasters in Tasmania with full responsibility for 10 commercial radio stations state-wide. He has executive oversight for HR and WH&S nationally. Tim co-owns Abes Audio, a national and international focused audio production company employing 18 FTE’s and 80+ contractors. Tim is a 4th generation Tasmanian, attended Launceston Grammar and has lived 12 years on the mainland in Melbourne and Adelaide. Tim and his wife Jen have two daughters.

 Tim believes in a prosperous progressive Launceston and identifies a number of areas for growth and improvement. These include the development of a high quality regional economic plan, an ambitious retail strategy, a localised version of micro economic reform and a stance with government that’s independent, action orientated and outcome based. Tim places a substantial emphasis on optimistic, visionary and pro-active leadership as the singularly most critical ingredient to regional prosperity.

 Tim firmly embraces entrepreneurial values and market philosophies that partner with sustainability, heritage values, positive social outcomes and liveability. He also believes that we must confidently embrace strategies associated with digital disruption and the new economy.