The Launceston Chamber of Commerce has been making enquiries today on whether timelines will be fast-tracked as a result of the Freight Logistics Team meeting in Launceston. In light of the recent job loss announcements by One Steel and Pacific Aluminium, The Chamber is calling on the Minister for Infrastructure to consider some short term measures to improve Bell Bay Port’s export capacity- even if it means subsidising at least a fortnightly smaller international export service that can link with all the major global international shipping lines. Maree Tetlow, Executive Officer at the Launceston Chamber of Commerce said “that agricultural production alone for Northern Tasmania is forecast to grow by something like 50% over the next 20 years – what is going to come first the chicken or the egg? Why would anyone invest in this region when you can’t efficiently export your produce?” The Chamber will meet this week for a briefing from the Port of Melbourne on their charges, and next week with Pivot Maritime regarding their proposal for a training ship that could link via Brisbane to international shipping markets.