The Launceston Chamber of Commerce was relieved and buoyed by the budget announcements made by the Treasurer today.

Maree Tetlow, Executive Officer at the Chamber stated that “we are pleased with the Treasurer’s focus on the North and the North West especially around the $130 million in infrastructure projects.  This gives construction businesses confidence about planning for their future, and we have a lot of service industries that support the construction sector in and around Launceston that will also benefit from the spending boost.”

Ms Tetlow went on to say that “we are aware that there has been debate about where the GST windfall should be spent in Tasmania, and in our view the Treasurer has it right.  A focus on much needed infrastructure projects ensures the financial benefits flow throughout the private sector and regional parts of Tasmania. 

“Although we appreciate it is hard for people in front line services that may have lost their government jobs, we do believe infrastructure projects provide regional Tasmania with the best opportunity to rebuild confidence and job creation versus more government jobs that tend to concentrate in Hobart.”

The Chamber is also very pleased to see the budget projecting a return to surplus in 2016-17.  Ms Tetlow said “that is great news as it provides greater financial certainty and optimism for our State’s future. It’s like lifting a weight off the State’s shoulders.”

The Launceston Chamber and Tasmanian Chamber of Commerce and Industry host the Treasurer and Premier to a State Budget Lunch in Launceston tomorrow at Country Club Tasmania to hear more budget detail of interest to business in the North.