The Launceston Chamber of Commerce held its AGM last night and reported another healthy surplus of $17,000 which places the organisation is a good financial position after a surplus of $28,000 the previous year, making up for a $10,000 loss in 2012-13 year.

The healthy financial position of the Chamber has allowed for the appointment of a new Events and Membership Coordinator, Ellen French, in August this year. This part-time role will assist with coordinating the Chamber’s popular networking events and providing relevant services to members. This support has provided the Chamber with more resources to allow the Executive Officer, Maree Tetlow, to focus on strategic projects that have the potential to provide economic value to Chamber members and the region.  Some of these projects over the last 12 months have included: Manufacturing Mapping; further advocacy on the Chamber’s Inner City Living Case Study; Education of our young people through business linkages to schools working with Beacon Foundation; and working toward the feasibility of a larger Shiplift/Dry-dock and other development at Bell Bay Port.

Janine Healey, President of the Chamber also announced that three Board Directors were re-elected by the members for another three year term. They were: Richard Ireland, Bede Clifton and Tim Lack. Ms Healey also welcomed a newly elected Board Director, Tim Holder.

Ms Healey advised “I am very pleased to see the interest in joining the Chamber Board, and the continued renewal that new Board Directors bring to the table. Renewal is really important for any organisation that wants to stay relevant in challenging times” Ms Healey said. “New Board Members bring fresh ideas and enthusiasm to the Board Room and challenge the way we all think, and that is what is needed in any successful organisation”.

Tim Holder’s Profile is listed below.


Tim Holder - is aware of business issues as a director, corporate executive and small business owner - concurrently. He’s Chairman of City Mission, director at NRM North, NRM State Council and founding director of Tourism Northern Tasmania. 

Tim leads Grant Broadcasters in Tasmania with responsibility for 10 commercial radio stations (150 staff). He holds 50% of Abes Audio, a business employing 18 FTE’s and 80+ contractors. Tim is a 4th generation Tasmanian, attended Launceston Grammar and has lived 12 years on the mainland.