Media Release: Small business drives Tasmania's economy

The Launceston Chamber of Commerce has welcomed the government’s commitment to increasing employment in the state small business sector of our economy by ten per cent by 2022.

Jan Davis, Executive Officer of the Chamber, said small businesses are the lifeblood of many communities. They keep the wheels turning by providing local jobs and meeting the needs of local customers.

“There are currently around 36,000 businesses in Tasmania, with 97 per cent of these being small and medium, and many being located in the north of the state. These businesses keep the wheels of commerce turning by creating jobs that circulate money in rural and regional economies,” she said.  

A recent survey of 800 small businesses in Tasmania found that 40 per cent of those businesses were considering increasing the number of people they employ over the next two years.

“The business sector has shown it is prepared to step up if conditions are right – but they can’t do it on their own. While it is no doubt an ambitious target, the state government’s announcement of plans to increase the number of Tasmanians who can find jobs is welcome.”

“Too often, the day-to-day value of SMEs is overlooked, and that is why advocating for the interests of smaller operators is fundamental to everything the Chamber does, but” Ms Davis said.

“Small businesses make a world of difference to our community, and any measures that make them more competitive are steps to a more prosperous future for all Tasmanians.”


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30th August 2017


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