Proposed Changes to Legislative Council Boundaries


The Launceston Chamber of Commerce has made a submission to the review of Legislative Council division boundaries strongly rejecting the need for radical changes. 

Jan Davis, Executive Officer of the Chamber, said today that no credible argument has been presented as to why incremental boundary changes would not deliver an outcome that addresses the small variations in populations within the existing division boundaries.

The abolishment of Western Tiers and the reconfiguration of Apsley will have significant effects on the makeup in the Legislative Council; and on the communities represented in these electorates.

“Neither the current or projected divisional population numbers for 2021 indicate major concerns for imbalance against the quotas for each seat; and there has been no analysis of future trends to see whether there is a case for change of this magnitude,” she said.

Ms Davis pointed out that the proposal ignores strong and longstanding communities of interest evident within the state, often aligned with local government boundaries; and provides no explanation as to what shared interests would be evident in the two new divisions.

The discussion paper notes that the Redistribution Panel considered and rejected an option to develop boundaries with the minimal adjustments required to comply with the legislated criteria.

“This is our preferred option. In the absence of compelling evidence, it is clear that there is no need for significant change at this time to address concerns about population differentials. There can be no justification for the radical and disruptive solution proposed.”

 “The Chamber therefore strongly urges the Tribunal to withdraw this initial redistribution model and come back with a new proposal that meets community expectations,” Ms Davis said.


Media Contact: Jan Davis 0409 004 228

28 February 2017