The Launceston Chamber of Commerce Board has received a detailed briefing from the University of Tasmania regarding their $400 million proposal to respond to the likelihood of the Higher Education Bill passing through the Senate when it is presented to Senators again when it meets in February.

Maree Tetlow, Executive Officer at the Launceston Chamber of Commerce, advised “we have been busy writing to and lobbying our Tasmanian Federal politicians on what UTAS needs to ensure a sustainable higher education model in Launceston and Regional Tasmania.”


“The worst possible outcome is that the Bill is passed through the Senate and Tasmania doesn’t receive the funding it needs to respond to a deregulated environment. “


“We are feeling very uncomfortable about where the funding request sits at the moment, as we believe a  major injection of $400 million is required to upgrade the regional campuses and for UTAS to alter its business model to survive and thrive in a deregulated environment” she said.


Ms Tetlow advised that the Chamber had been briefed by Andrew Nikolic, who is supportive of the $400 million package for UTAS, and he has lobbied his Federal Minister colleagues on the need for the funds.  Ms Tetlow continued with “unless the independent Senators lobby for this funding package it is very possible Tasmania could be left with nothing”.


UTAS injects $1.7 Billion into the Tasmanian economy and has 30,000 students enrolled across the State.