The Launceston Chamber of Commerce has surveyed over 500 member contacts to determine their level of business confidence in the lead up to Christmas 2014.

Maree Tetlow, Executive Officer, at the Launceston Chamber of Commerce stated that “Overall we are pleased with the results. Out of a possible rating of 10, business confidence was rated at 5.9.  This doesn’t sound great, but 48% of those that responded indicated it is better than their confidence at the same time last year,  42% indicated it is similar to last year, and 9% advised their confidence is down on last year.” Ms Tetlow advised “I think we can assume we are working off a low base, confidence is improving, but there is plenty of hard work to do over the next 12 months by government and the private sector to see this continue.”

The survey also asked members to rate their business priorities. The top five responses in priority order are:

  1. Increasing job opportunities in the region
  2. Attracting new industries and business to the region
  3. Reducing the costs of doing business
  4. Increasing the regional population
  5. Addressing freight costs and efficiency.

Ms Tetlow stated “most of the issues prioritised by our members are inter-related. For example if we grow new industries and business, we can attract more jobs and people to our region.  Similarly, if we effectively address our freight issues, then we will lower the cost of doing business for importers and exporters, and also be more attractive for new investors and businesses to our region.”

The response rate to the survey was 16% (79 members responded), which is considered a good representative sample of Chamber members.