My Pathway is a national company made up of a group of entities that gives then collective expertise and power, combined with 20plus years experience in providing education, training and employment services, and are the largest CDP provider in the country. 

My pathway has a vision to build stronger communities and want to do this by seeing individuals, families and communities succeed. 

Their whole business has been designed to provide an innovative and simple service solution, offering future employees everything they need with a range of support programs, education, training, labour hire, apprenticeships, traineeships, community support, and networks. 

They have a history of strong relationships, partnerships and networks, actively collaborating with community, industry, and government at all levels. 

My Pathway is regionally based so they understand the challenges facing people lilving in rural, remote and regional Australia. 

From humble beginnings as a small family run business, My Pathway now supports thousands of jobseekers and works together with some of the most disadvantaged communities in Australia to help build stronger communities.