Tasmania Invest is a unique buyer's agency focused on locating individual and aggregated investment opportunities for sophisticated investors around Tasmania. 

Tasmania Invest Directors John Lamb, Sarah Hirst and Robert Harrison offer a combined 73 years of business leadership experience across more than 10 industry sectors, as well as a shared passion for creating jobs and generating new economic opportunities in Tasmania. 

From large-scale dairies, aggregated vineyard and profitable grazing and cropping enterprises to resource-rich mines, innovative tourism developments, luxuty golf courses, and transport companies, they develop a tailored portfolio of investment opportunities for each investor.  Investments can range from 100% ownership and management, to an equity stake or a partnership with an existing owner that includes their ongoing management expertise. 

Tasmania Invest truly believes there has never been a better time to invest in our State. 

The unique business consultancy offers a number of services, including:

- locating individual and aggregated properties and business, many of which may not be listed on the market;

- a confidential intermediary negotiation service for private investors;

- introductions to Local, State, and Federal Government leaders and assistance with financial grant applications;

- negotiating and finalising sale contracts; and 

- post settlement consultancy services to add further value to the investment, such as the construction of luxury accommodation units, a robotic dairy, a feedlot, or a processing factory.

If Tasmania Invest can assist you, or someone you know with a confidential investment in Tasmania, contact:

John Lamb on 0400165078 or john@tasmaniainvest.com

Sarah Hirst on 0448906021 or sarah@tasmaniainvest.com