Eskleigh Foundation Inc. is a not-for-profit incorporated body, established in 1947, to provide high quality support to people with a disability, their families and carers within Tasmania.

Eskleigh is governed by a passionate Board of Directors, strongly committed to Eskleigh's mission, and are greatly reliant on the financial support and generosity of the Tasmanian community. Eskleigh is staffed by paid, qualified employees and volunteers. Eskleigh operates a 42 bed supported accommodation with full time, qualified nursing and support staff at Eskleigh Home in Perth, Northern Tasmania. They also offer contemporary residential homes in Longford, Kings Meadows, Montrose and Mornington, where people with a disability requiring moderate support live as part of a group home arrangement.

Both Eskleigh Home and the residential homes support and accommodate younger adults with varying levels of intellectual or physical disability, including disabilities caused by an Acquired Brain Injury. Eskleigh also boasts a premier statewide community support network, offering in-home care, enabling people with a disability to stay in the comfort of their own home with full support and daily healthcare.

Eskleigh has a long and proud history supporting people with a disability at a range of levels so that they may enjoy a quality of life not otherwise possible. With their supported accommodation options, attendant care and respite services and community events, Eskleigh supports and encourages clients to embrace life and become active members of their community, enriching not only the lives of people with a disability but feeding back into a prosperous Tasmanian community.