You can complete and submit your Tasplan Business Excellence Awards entry online.  You may find it easier to first work on a Word document, then cut and paste into the online form.


  • Submissions should address all relevant criteria. When addressing the criteria, respond to the specific questions for each individual Award category. Demonstrate what you do, how you do it and the benefits of these actions.
  • Please limit your answers to 500 words for each question. Submissions must not exceed a maximum of five (5) pages.


  • Concise answers and dot points are good: Your answers should demonstrate that you have processes, plans and strategies in place to facilitate key business practices.
  • Selecting categories: Before commencing the entry process, take the time to determine the most suitable category or categories for your organisation.
  • Consider the questions carefully: Ensure that your responses provide the information specifically requested.
  • Answer each question: Do not refer judges to previous answers. This suggests that applicants have not considered the question properly and makes the judging process more difficult.

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