Bellamy’s Organic is a Tasmanian-based company that produces only 100% Australian made organic foods.

The company's mission is to provide a pure start to life for babies and young children everywhere and is passionate about promoting healthy eating practices in our children. 

Bellamy’s Organic started in Launceston, Tasmania in 2004 as a family-operated company and was the first to offer an organic baby formula range to Australian mothers. Tasmanian Pure Foods Ltd purchased Bellamy’s Organic in 2007. 

The company supplies there product range to supermarket chains and independent stores across Australia and employs sales executives in Melbourne and Sydney. 

Bellamy’s also exports its 100% certified organic food to customers in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, and New Zealand. 

As a result of very strong demand for Bellamy’s Organic baby foods in Asia, offices will be opening in Singapore, Shanghai and Hong Kong to better service customers in the Asian region.