Bell Bay Aluminium is situated on the Tamar River, approximately five kilometres from George Town and 45 kilometres from Launceston.  The smelter produces around 189,000 of aluminium each year and operates 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.

Bell Bay Aluminium employs 430 talented men and women and 60 plus full time equivalent contractors who on a typical day, undertake work at the smelter.  Independent studies have found that Bell Bay Aluminium, directly and indirectly, employs approximately 1500 Tasmanians, and contributes $690 million per annum to Gross State Product.

Bell Bay Aluminium has a major influence on the economic wellbeing of Northern Tasmania. It creates wealth for Tasmanians through the creation of employment, export earnings, payment of government taxes and charges and direct investment through comunity programs and the purchase of goods and services from Tasmanian businesses and suppliers.