Tucana Global Group Design develops and manufactures technology solutions.  We are an Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) for electronics hardware and software.  Our expertise is in All In One integrated product.  Our team of Structural, Design, Electronics and Software Engineers research, develop and manufacture hi-tech producst.  We service across many industries including supermarkets, retail, hospitality (hotels, resorts, casinos, restaurants and bars), commercial buildings, governments. We are an international company and always looking for new distribution partners. 

Our strongest product range on the hardware side is our Interactive Information Kiosks where we service the likes of Sheraton Hotels and St Regis Hotels as well as large retailers with multi-national presence through to even single operation retail outlets. 

On our software side, our strength is two-fold:

- Interactive Cloud-based Digital Signage Systems allows companies to change content on any digital sign anywhere in the world at any time.  our easy set and forget scheduling system means businesses are always advertising their most current product. Digital Signs content can be grouped in any way and multiple ways and can even be given separate content for each. 

- Cloud-based Private Communication Servers with mobile extensions to keep communications going while travelling.  For business and personal use, our Private Communications System gives the smallest businesses the ability to have its own communications platform to maintain privacy and keep all users connected in a secure environment. 

Tucana Global Technology stands ready to service your needs.