Saul Eslake has been a financial markets economist for 30 years and  is widely recognised and respected as a public commentator.  Saul has worked with the Launceston Chamber of Commerce for many years, by delivering an annual presentation to the business community on the economic and social issues that impact on Tasmania, and insights on how the issues might be best addressed.

After many years of working as Chief Economist for many of the large national and international financial institutions, Saul is now building an independent speaking, writing and consulting business operating out of Tasmania"

"Saul Eslake ... one of the few names across the Australian economic landscape 

that most agree commands economic gravitas"

Death of economists: Do they still matter, do we even listen to them?
Dominic Rolfe| ABC The Brief | 13/06/2015

"I have never known an economist to have such a knowledge of world economic facts and to be able to bring to bear so much information in answering a question without notice" [Chairman, ANZ]

"In my view you have been the pre-eminent macro-economist in Australia probably for the last decade" [Chief Economist, Telstra]

"Saul Eslake is Australia's most brilliant and incisive economic commentator." [CEDA]

"I and many of my colleagues have appreciated very much your insightful analysis, your objective assessment of economic policy issues and your ability explain complex economic concepts to the public in simple and easily understood language" [Minister for Trade]

"To cover so much analysis of the curent situation with so much clarity was most impressive" 
[RMIT University School of Management]

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