Minister Robb briefed the delegation on the new Free Trade Agreements for South Korea, Japan and China (that will commence in August or September 2015).


Maree Tetlow, Executive officer of the Chamber advised that Minister Robb painted a very promising future for Tasmania with -significant future demand for the type of agricultural products we produce. But most interesting was the high interest in China and India for Australian services like: environmental management, design, architecture, engineering, accounting, legal services, aged care, health, education, and financial services.


Ms Tetlow went on to say that we were particularly interested to hear that Austrade is developing a China Portal that is under development and will be available within the next couple of months to help guide and assist potential exporters to understand the size of the market for the goods or services they are considering offering, especially for SME’s.  We look forward to keeping our members informed of these opportunities as they develop.”


Minister Robb also articulated that the World is currently awash with funds - but international investors are nervous, and see Australia as a ‘safe haven’ for now.


Ms Tetlow advised that “we understand from the briefing that international investors are looking for projects in the $100M range that are ‘investor-ready’ such as 5 Star Hotels and luxury eco-lodges in desirable locations.


The Chamber has been invited to advise the Minister via Member for Bass, Andrew Nikolic, of any 5 Star hotel development opportunities in and around Northern Tasmania that might attract potential international investment.  This is an exciting opportunity that we will definitely investigate further” she said.