EnvorinexT, was established in Tasmania in July 2009.  Our ENvironment is important and the company designs and manufactures quality products from Virgin Or Recycled PVC by INjection or EXtrusion methods and every product leaving the factory carries Australia's first guaranteed 'Take Back Recycling Agreement'.  EnvorinexT supply only 'closed loop' products, by ensuring quality in virgin or recycled materials and providing an end of life pathway.

EnvorinexT manufacturers products for the building, mining, marine, hospitality, horticultural, apicultural, agricultural & viticultural industries and export their products throughout the world. 

In 2011 EnvorinexT developed the recycling side of their business and today is recycling large volumes of post-industrial waste from PVC window fabricators to hospital IV bags, tubing and masks which are processed and re-manufactured at the George Town factory into other new commercial products. EnvorinexT, unlike some imported products, use no heavy metals in their process and test all waste material before accepting it into their factory for recycling. It is due to these strict environmental guidelines that EnvorinexT was audited to hold the 'Green Star' for their MasadaT building board, EnvoEaveT soffit lining, EnvoQuietT noise abatement fencing and CaviGuardT & CaviDryT cavity system with the GBCA.

EnvorinexT has held the Best Environmental Practice for the manufacture of PVC products in Australia for the last two years.  In 2015 EnvorinexT will install a recycling line to process waste silage wrap, silage pit covers, horticultural films and other polyethylene and polypropylene waste products, providing a free collection service of these wastes from farmers and full training and assistance.